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Vitality Retreats


Purify, detoxify and find lightness for your body and mind in the magical surrounds of West cork, Ireland!
A weekend with us will give you energy, health and joy!

Our Vitality Retreat weekend offers you the opportunity to revitalise  and re-energise yourself.

The programme offers Living Organic Food, Juices, Smoothies, Pilates, Massage, Sauna, Essential Oil Classes & beautiful natural surroundings.
Especially created by Fiona to purify the body, eliminating toxins and allowing more vitality this formula has successfully proven to work for many happy clients over the past 6 years.


The weekends menu will be created to fit your constitution, to ensure that your body is going through a purification process while foods will be delicious, satisfying and give you proper nourishment.


Pilates & Essential Oils will support your fitness and help you bring balance to your mind and body, which is very helpful during a detox.


You will be receiving a massage treatment to support the process and balance your energy.
There is plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful area, the nature or simply to rest in the serenity of West Cork.. 

The Vitality Retreat starts with Juice on arrival day and ends with Lunch & Dessert Demo on departure day.

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