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Fiona Loughran is a Divine Alignment Medicine Woman.


Weaving Multidisciplinary Wisdom and focusing on Embodiment & Liberation.

“My intention is to create a deeply nourishing and uplifting

S P A C E for likeminded people to breathe, move, connect, and rest. To facilitate an environment for individuals to be inspired to live in a way that creates a web of support and magic for the mind, body and soul. By reaching the individual these effects ripple into every area of their lives and community. 


Offering a combination of:


Pyramid BreathPLAY Method; Transformational Breathwork with Tantric + Somatic Base

- Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World.


Embodiment Practices 


Divine Alignment Bodywork + Coaching


Breathcentric Yoga + Pilates 


Weaving Elixirs, Divine Oils and 

much more. 


This is where YOU can REdiscover your potential and how glorious you truly are.”

Using a combination of yoga, pilates, Intuitive healing massage, essential oils, herbs, nature immersion/hikes, vibrant food, rituals, ecstatic dance, breath, wild sea swimming  + laughter, YOU can REdiscover your potential and how glorious you truly are.

With over fifteen years experience as a teacher, trainer and therapist working on-site as a Corporate Wellness Coach at European HQs of two of the largest IT companies, hosting/facilitating workshops, retreats, & wellness days from Ireland to Balearic Islands Mallorca + Menorca to Bali and Portugal, I’ve developed a multidisciplinary guidance system  Running retreats and working onboard privately owned super yachts(sail) as a private chef, my attention to detail and creating a heartfelt experience is guaranteed. 

Enhancing your life through the pleasure of awakening your senses with my multidisciplinary holistic approach - leaving you feeling empowered, yummy and wholesome! 

Currently my offerings include

  • Breath Centric Yoga & Alignment Pilates

  • Pyramid BreathPLAY Method - Ancient Wisdom for the modern World (tantric + somatic base) 

  • Divine Alignment Bodywork 

  • SOMAroll + Myofascial Release.

  • High Vibe Food including workshops, Retreats and gatherings as well as personalised Intuitive Nutritional Support..

  • Authentic Embodiment Coaching 

  • Ecstatic Awakening (Sunrise Social Club)

  • Rituals of Connection

  • Goddess Ritual Boxes 

  • Oceans of Potions Elixirs 

  • WILD BEINGS;BEING SEEN Sacred Circles + Transformational Photography.

"Welcome, cherished souls. May this space be a sanctuary for your journey and may our shared moments illuminate the path of divine connection."

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