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Divine Alignment Bodywork + Mentorship

Reconnect, Release, and Revitalize

Have you ever felt a longing to rediscover the pure essence of who you truly are?


Do you sense a yearning to release burdensome emotions or tensions that might be impeding your journey? A


Are you seeking a sanctuary where you can be enveloped in healing energies, allowing your nervous system to find its natural rhythm?

Fiona invites you on a transformative journey with her multidisciplinary holistic approach LIFE.

Prepare to Experience Wholeness

With close to seventeen years of experience in guiding souls towards their inner sanctuary, Fiona's primary aim is to foster a haven where you can feel unguarded and embrace the present moment. Through her dedicated practice, she creates an environment that encourages you to open up, to deeply receive, and to realize the boundless magnificence within you.

Unique, Intuitive, Transformative

No two sessions are the same. Each interaction with Fiona is a personalized experience, meticulously tailored to resonate with your unique energy and needs. By gently guiding you to slow down....... your breath, your movements, your thoughts—she empowers you to observe, to listen, and to discover.

Drawing upon a rich tapestry of multidimensional practices, Fiona offers:

  • Hands-on Massage: For physical release and alignment.

  • Intuitive Healing: Delving deep into energetic layers to promote balance.

  • Scent + Sound: Using divine herbal oils, energy bars, tuning forks, and more to awaken the senses.

  • Guidance Tools: Including oracle cards and visionary reflections to illuminate your path.

  • Holistic Elixirs & Teas: To nourish and support your journey beyond the session.

  • Breathing Techniques: To anchor you in the present and restore harmony.

  • Myofascial Release: For deeper, transformative physical healing.

Beyond Words

While words strive to capture the essence of Fiona's Divine Alignment sessions, the true magic lies in the experience itself—a harmonious blend of healing modalities designed to guide you back to your center, leaving you feeling empowered, rejuvenated, and deeply connected.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey?


Dive into the realm of Medicine Magic with Fiona and let your senses awaken to a world of profound healing and self-discovery.

Base in Cork City - I can travel to you feel free to reach out for more info.  

One to one Mentorship:

Corporate/Retreats/Immersive Group Training & Guidance 

/Private Groups.

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